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6520 South Robert Trail
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
United States


IWW specializes in manufacturing woven mesh from wire diameters.023 Diameter (24 gauge) through .135 diameter (10 gauge); in a variety of weave patterns including slotted openings as fine as 20.5 Mesh. All mesh are available in a variety and wire alloys. These patterns include square, rectangular or slotted, tri-lock, tri-mesh, bi-mesh and customized architectural specs. See Mesh Types section for more information. Additionally, our finishing department can cut circles, form baskets and apply shrouds for a variety of end uses.

International Wire Works, Inc., doing business as Integrity Woven Wire, is a premium wire cloth manufacturer.

Wire Cloth

Wire Mesh Types: Wire Cloth


Wire Cloth, also known as Double Crimp, is one of the most common types of wire mesh. The size of the opening is controlled by the distance between the crimps. Using different distances between the crimps on the running wires and cross wires we can also create wire cloth with rectangular openings.


14 Mesh X 5/16" Openings 16 Gauge Running Wires 
and 22 Gauge Cross Wires in High Carbon Steel